and hexagonal
water are
the source
of life

information deletion

In our third Filter Stage, the clean and enhanced Water is going through. The Andara Cluster Activator embedded in our Water Hydrogen Server. The Andara Cluster Activator is a 20 cm ,12000 Gaus strong magnet to first delete old Information in the water by magnetic stimulations. This magnetic Stimulation first breaks all the old structures in the water and thereby deletes the held-in old pieces of information.

water energising

We than re-energize the water with the Andara Vortex Swirler by imitating the natural Water flow in Nature with an EM water whirler, which has a small, cone-shaped vortex chamber out of Kopper inside, into which the water flows and is set into rapid rotations. These vortices and counter-vor- tices cause a loosening of the water structure, as molecules break up and become smaller.
These vortices function according to the principles that conform to nature. The water then runs through a highly effective vibration field and as a result, the water’s molecular structure changes and shifts its crystal structure in the direction of the natural hexagonal form.

hexagonal structured ez water

This hexagonal form or fourth phase of water is also called EZ water. EZ Water describes a gel-like aggregate state between liquid and frozen. Like ice, this gel has a hexagonal structure. When ice thaws, EZ water is formed first before it becomes liquid H2O again. Snowflakes have the same structure and are again seen as an intermediate step between EZ-water and ice. However, this Exclusion Zone of the newly discovered water structure is only a thin layer in which the water begins to order itself in the vicinity of hydrophilic surfaces. It also cleans itself and pushes away all dissolved substances into the normal water layer. This is where the name Exclusion Zone comes from, as all substances and protons are displaced, i.e. excluded from this layer. Extensive investigations have shown, that Hexagonal EZ Water acts and works like a battery. It can change its pH level, and electrical resistance, and absorb infra- red light. This battery charges itself with radiant energy light. It stores and releases energy as it is needed for the biochemical processes in cells, it helps to maintain the function of cell membra- nes. that conform to nature. The dissolved mineral crystals from our filter module 2 that are in the water are sonicated with the Teslar coil with our frequency generator with PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) and informed and brought into shape, causes our dissolved mineral crystals in our water to vibrate. These vibrations keep the water in its hexagonal shape.

ez Water
(liquid crystal region )

Drinking water has a completely different structure than the water that occurs in our cells. This is because water-attracting surfaces are everywhere in the organism, in every cell to be precise. These are hydrophilic surfaces and water in the vicinity of hydrophilic surfaces – as everywhere in our body begins to rearrange itself independently.

– It has a gel-like viscosity.
– It has an altered electronic resistance.
– It absorbs infrared light.
– It has an altered pH value.
– It cleans itself.
– It self-arranges.
– It has a hexagonal, crystal-like structure.
– EZ Water molucules are more constrained
– Ez Water molucules are more stable

Magnetized water
has a different absorption of UV

The magnetic field influences the shape of clusters and water formations. Magnetised water has a different absorption of UV rays than non-magnetised water.The magnetisation gives the water unique and biologically significant properties. The water becomes softer (the surface and internal tension is reduced) and its taste characteristics also change.