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water information through Scalar energy

Andara Water Orients itself to nature and works with an NWO technique (multi-wave Oscillator or called a Teslar high-frequency coil) where we inform the water with high oscillating fields through the high voltage of 25.000 V. In this way, our water, which is tapped, always remains perfectly energized as you would usually find it in nature. We are able to inform our water like the spring water you can find in the mountains through our multi-wave oscillator (a Teslar high-frequency coil) which is built into our filter devices. The Teslar high frequency coil can transmit pure electrical energy. Scalar energy is also known as “scalar fields” or “Tesla fields” due to Nicola Tesla’s interest in this particular subject and has been around for quite a while now. No matter what one would like to call it, the application of this energy is intertwined into both Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Scalar energy is formed when two identical frequencies from opposite directions come together and collide. This results in canceling out of any free movements and the creation of a stationary and static energy field. Additionally, it contains circles of energy that radiate outwards in balanced networks, which help in creating a field of live energy systems.

healing effects

In the field of medicine, scalar waves for healing are ideal because medically scalar energy can break down any molecular bonds of fungi and bacteria. It also helps in neutralizing harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiations that are associated with the human body. It is due to these radiations and frequencies that imbalances and illnesses are caused in the human body. This works by increasing the electric cell membrane voltage and membrane potentials back to the correct m.V. in the context of this It is interesting to note that -70 m.V. pulses are able to find every weak and inflamed tumor cells. We change them back to healthy functional cells. The multi-wave oscillator sends harmonic frequencies of this – 70 m.V via the sound into the water.

This also causes the sili- con crystals to vibrate in which the harmonic frequencies then remain stored. Due to the high frequency that our water possesses, also prevents Andara water from being overwritten with other information. This makes our water unique and 100% safe.

Scalar Waves

  • Boost the energy level of every cell to
    an ideal level in your body
  • Improve your cognitive functions
  • Improve your immune function up to 149%
  • Regulate the nutrient intake of your body
  • Eliminate waste from each cell in your body
  • Cleanse your blood from toxins


Get to know our different frequencies here, which you can set individually in our radionic systems. Which frequencies can help how.