Individual mineral decisions within a click

Water Enhanchment

Andara Water has studied original water sources and is guided by their mineral content. The optimal value is between 60 and 80 ppm. However, we give them the choice of which minerals they would like to take. Minerals are important to bind toxins in the body. If you don’t have enough sulfur in your diet, good detoxification will not occur.


The mineralization of our ultra pure water works even better because it is made information-neutral in the first step by magnetizing and deleting the old water information, and it is also pre-structured by magnetizing before mineralization. This water treatment is important because water is the carrier of minerals and trace elements. Due to the magnetization, our water can bind to the minerals even better. It also influences the mineralization and the structure and bonds of the molecules in the water. The binding properties of water as a solvent are activated and increased, which affects all metabolic processes in the organism.



Water is a solvent for many substances and has a significant influence on metabolism at all levels. The magnetic water, which has been given strong binding properties, is enriched with the best raw minerals and metals from around the world. For this we only use metals and minerals of the highest quality and pay attention to the correct content of minerals and metals in your water, because this is important to promote your health.



The mineral and metal content in the water should ideally be between 60 and 80 ppm, as in nature, anything above that is oversaturated. To avoid this, Andara Water ensures that your water does not reach either a higher ppm level of 80 or a lower ppm level of 60.



The special thing about our Andara systems: You can decide for yourself which minerals you want in your water. Just turn on the minerals you want in the water with buttons.


Raw mineral water

  • Minerals are important to bind toxins in the body.
  • Minerals are necessary for the smooth running of almost all life processes.
  • They are responsible for the development of body tissue, cells, bones, teeth and the undisturbed flow within the body.
  • Magnetized Silicon helps to keep the Water structured.