Water and

The Tesla Coil High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radioing System represents an extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge science and holistic wellness. This innovative technology harnesses the power of high-frequency electromagnetic radio waves to code and transform water clusters, potentially offering unique benefits for energetic health and healing. Below is a comprehensive description of this pioneering system and its potential implications:

1. Tesla Coil and High-Frequency Radio Waves:

renowned Tesla coil, inspired by the groundbreaking work of inventor Nikola Tesla. The Tesla coil generates high-frequency electromagnetic radio waves that serve as the foundation for this transformative technology.

2. Water Cluster Transformation:

Within the system, there is a specialized chamber where water is exposed to the high-frequency radio waves emitted by the Tesla coil. This exposure is believed to initiate a process of coding and transformation within the water clusters.

3. Molecular Restructuring:

As water molecules pass through the electromagnetic field, proponents propose that their molecular structure undergoes a profound transformation. This restructuring results in the formation of more organized and coherent water clusters, imbued with a unique energetic signature.

At what frequency does water vibrate?

The absorption resonance of oxygen and water are at 22.235 GHz (H2O), 60 GHz (O2), 118.75 GHz (O2), 183.31 GHz (H2O), 325.153 GHz (H2O).