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not the optimal water. to drink?

Unfortunately, almost every consumer is of the firm opinion that they are supplied with the “best” water. Waterworks may show good values, but they can change on the way to the tap. Anyone who takes some time for a brief measurement and seriously considers “ingredients”, limit values, supply pipes, natural pollution or the like will come to a sobering conclusion. Water refinement – house and body will thank you!

intake of:

Mineral water no longer has anything in common with living spring water in terms of energy. Although Mineral water is one of the best-controlled foodstuffs. But due to its long delivery time and exposure to the sun it is often contaminated with plasticizers.


Water that has lost its structure anyway due to contamination and is then stored in bottles for a long time and stands still may be pure, but it has lost its natural structure and no longer has the optimal hexagonal structure. This is referred to as “dead water”. The Andara Cluster Activator structures water with its
biofrequencies the water back into its original state and becomes alive again.


Plastic softener

For years, experts have been warning that plasticisers dissolve in plastic bottles and thus get into the supposedly clean drinking water. Microplastics and other harmful substances in water are therefore a major problem and reason number two against plastic bottles.


tap water and conventional mineral water have a redox potential between 30 and 34 rH2. The neutral value, on the other hand, is 28 rH2. Healthy water must be below this value and should be between 22 and 26 rH2.


Bacteria, contamination or legionella lead to considerable health problems. In addition, the affected pipes have to be “sterilised” again and sometimes it only remains with costly “renovation attempts”. Structured positive water dissolves and prevents germs and kills bacteria.


The substance is produced in the manufacturing process of PET; it can be released into the water, especially at high temperatures and during long storage.


low intake of minerals

Die Wissenschaft unterscheidet zwischen organischen- und anorganischen Mineralien und geht davon aus, dass menschliche Zellen nicht in der Lage sind, anorganische Mineralien aufzunehmen. Da sie vom Organismus, wie die oben genannten Verunreinigungen, nicht aufgenommen werden, lagern sich auch diese im Körper ab.


Apart from the deposits on and in the body with said discrepancies described above, unstructured water is dead. It inhibits all water functions around the house. For example, it maintains a low sense of warmth and indoor climate while increasing heating oil costs because dead water heats up more slowly.