RAW Shungite

Indulge in the transformative influence of raw shungite-infused water and unlock a world of potential health benefits through this ancient mineral’s remarkable properties


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Enhancing Water with Shungite: Unlocking Extraordinary Benefits

The impact of shungite on water composition and purity is truly remarkable. Shungite acts as a powerful purifier, effectively eliminating a wide range of organic impurities such as petroleum products, chlorine-containing compounds, nitrates, and ammonia. It also targets various metals and nonmetals, while effectively neutralizing harmful bacteria like Vibrio cholera and streptococci. Moreover, shungite has the unique ability to absorb detrimental substances, enriching the water with essential trace elements and imbuing it with healing properties. By undergoing filtration with shungite, water undergoes a transformative process, becoming biologically active and contributing to overall well-being.

The benefits of shungite-enhanced water extend beyond purification. In the realm of cosmetics, regular use of shungite water yields remarkable results. Daily cleansing with shungite water promotes skin smoothness, enhances elasticity, and imparts a youthful glow. It effectively combats acne, skin inflammation, scaling, and redness. Shungite water, when used as a hair rinse, enhances shine, silkiness, and strength, minimizing hair loss, preventing baldness, and addressing dandruff concerns.

Moreover, shungite water serves as an excellent aid for compresses, where soaked gauze applied to affected areas accelerates healing processes for cuts, corns, bruises, and burns. It proves beneficial for conditions such as arthritis, arthrosis, and varicose veins.

Heated shungite water offers therapeutic benefits when used for gargling and as a mud treatment for cervical diseases, inflammation (such as tonsillitis), fever, gum and tooth inflammation, and periodontitis.

Shungite baths are revered for their ability to soothe, alleviate stress and fatigue, harmonize the body, and promote restful sleep. The healing effects of shungite baths are evident, with minor skin cracks healing after just a few sessions, and regular use leading to the disappearance of postoperative scars, peeling skin, eczema, and fungi.

In essence, the incorporation of shungite into water purification and wellness routines unlocks a myriad of benefits, offering a natural and holistic approach to health and vitality.

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