Andara Aqua Coral Monoatomic Crystal

The Clear Cosmic Ice Andara Crystal, like other crystals in the Andara family, is believed to be monatomic, meaning it consists of a single type of atom. This monatomic state is thought to give the crystal unique energetic properties. The clear appearance of the crystal is often associated with purity, spiritual clarity, and the amplification of energy.


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The Andara Clear Cosmic Ice Monoatomic Crystal is a remarkable member of the Andara crystal family, celebrated for its clear and ethereal appearance, as well as the metaphysical properties attributed to its use. According to metaphysical teachings, Andara crystals, including the Clear Cosmic Ice variety, are believed to have a mystical origin associated with the ancient and spiritually advanced civilization of Lemuria. Legends suggest that these crystals are remnants of the advanced technology and spiritual knowledge of the Lemurian people, adding an element of mystique to their origin.

Healing properties attributed to the Clear Cosmic Ice Andara Monoatomic Crystal include:

1. Amplification of Intentions: The clear nature of the crystal is believed to act as a magnifier for one’s intentions, making it a popular choice for manifestation practices and goal-setting. Users may work with this crystal to enhance the power and focus of their intentions.

2. Spiritual Clarity: The crystal is associated with bringing clarity to one’s spiritual path and insights. It is often used in meditation to facilitate a clearer connection to higher realms of consciousness and spiritual guidance.

3. Energy Purification: Clear crystals are often thought to have cleansing properties. Users may turn to Clear Cosmic Ice Andara Crystals to purify their energy fields, release negativity, and create a sense of energetic renewal.

4. Harmonizing Energy: The crystal is believed to harmonize and balance the energy centers (chakras) in the body, promoting overall well-being and balance. It is often used in energy healing practices to bring equilibrium to the mind, body, and spirit.

It’s essential to note that the metaphysical and healing properties associated with Andara crystals, including the Clear Cosmic Ice variety, are largely based on personal beliefs and experiences. Scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited, and individuals should approach these crystals as complementary tools rather than substitutes for conventional medical treatments. Always consult with healthcare professionals for serious health concerns.

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