2 x Vortex Hose + Cluster + Spin


Configure the Andara waterfilter based on your own desires and requirements.

Andara Vortex Hose × 2

The Water Vortex Swirler Unit is a revolutionary device designed to convert ordinary water into structured water, offering a new dimension of water quality. At its core, this unit utilizes the power of fluid dynamics to create a controlled vortex within a specialized chamber.

Andara Water Cluster activator

The Magnet Water Cluster Activator: a pioneering device designed to revolutionize water treatment through the application of magnetic fields. Drawing inspiration from the intricate dance of molecules, our technology works to restructure water at a molecular level, unlocking its full potential.

Andara Vortex Cylinder

At its core lies a precision-engineered mechanism that orchestrates the formation of a swirling vortex within the cylinder. This emulation of nature's gentle dance mimics the fluid dynamics of rivers and streams, harnessing their inherent vitality and rejuvenating qualities.


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