ez water

the liquid power for your cells

Drinking water has a completely different structure than the water that occurs in our cells. This is because water-attracting surfaces are everywhere in the organism, in every cell to be precise. These are hydrophilic surfaces and water in the vicinity of hydrophilic surfaces – as everywhere in our body begins to rearrange itself independently. Near the surface, the water divides into two layers, with one layer transforming into a completely new form of water, different from conventional H20. This zone of mysterious water, only about a quarter of a millimetre thick, has been dubbed th “Exclusion Zone” (EZ), because the water in this zone not only orders itself, but also, fascinatingly but also cleans itself in a fascinating way: The EZ contains a very pure form of water, which displaces all dissolved substances from the EZ zone. A layer of completely pure water thus forms near the
layer of completely pure water is formed, while all dissolved substances are displaced into the other layer. EZ water can function like a kind of battery through solar radiation or infrared light, i.e. it can store and release energy EZ water is negatively charged. Unlike H2O, the formula for EZ water is H3O2. This makes the molecules stick together and gives them a gel-like, sticky consistency, which ensures that the water is kept together in the organism. Strictly speaking, due to the changed chemical formula, it is no longer water at all, but an element of its own.